Table Manner (2022)

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Table Manner (2022)

Plot Synopsis

“Byeong Hoon, a social worker who, instead of helping neighbors in need, is in a situation where he is the one who is in need of help because of his growing paperwork and excessive stress at work. He is almost being chased by his demonic boss and visits him at home. Inside Ok Soon's house with the slightly open door, the living room is shining strangely. In the first place, it was hard to understand why there was a need to have a living room in an old house that's about to collapse anyway, but Byeong Hoon is only filled with thoughts of 'finishing a successful job'. He hears the story of her husband, Ji Seong, who has left the house of Ok Soon, the owner of the house, who pretends to be a noble lady, and her children, and also learns that their purpose is a more 'efficient and just' divorce. Byeong Hoon has one purpose. How is he going to break apart this household?

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