Again My Life - Episode 15 (2022)

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Again My Life - Episode 15 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

It’s crazy to think that “Again My Life” is almost at an end! The show’s pace has never flagged thus far as Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) doggedly chases after Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young) via manipulating the political and judicial circles around him. This week, Hee Woo centers in on Tae Seob’s candidate for Prosecutor General who also happens to be Hee Woo’s boss: Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang Il). Our hero spreads himself thin to launch a flurry of attacks to hit Seok Hoon on every side. But while he’s preoccupied, Tae Seob’s digging deep into the mysterious rival who keeps thwarting his plans. And his next moves could upend 15 years of Hee Woo’s work in one fell swoop.