The Soldiers 2 - Episode 1 (2022)

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The Soldiers 2 - Episode 1 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

The Soldiers is The global military survival show to recruit the most potent soldiers of special forces will begin. Kim Sang Joong, a former ROK Marine Corps, hosts the show. Jay Morton, a former Special Air Service with a diverse record suitable for special forces with many years of service, Johan Reispass, a former leader of the Special Operations Task Group with various experiences in dispatching troops, Wilrolan Ravelo, a former U.S. Army Special Forces{Airborne} with the most impressive award-winning career, and Lee Chang June, a former ROK 707th Special Missions Group with 13 years of military experience and excellent build, will be global mentors. On "The Soldiers," the members of special forces from various countries unite to carry out extreme missions. Please look forward to who will become the best soldier of special forces representing Korea! Cast: Kim Sang Joong,Jay Morton,Johan Reispass,Wilrolan Ravelo,Lee Chang June

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