Younghee (2022)

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Younghee (2022)

Plot Synopsis

Young Hee with a tough personality leaves her ex-boyfriend who tries hard but has no empathy, then falls in love with Cheol Soo, who is close to her perfect ideal type. While thinking things will be different, Cheol Soo and Young Hee promised unchanging love and the two of them become lovey-dovey to the extent that the people around them are envious. The ex-boyfriend stalks the two of them because they are not able to arrange the relationship but despite the obstacles, they continue to love each other firmly. For the two people who are happy, the story moves in a different direction when Cheol Soo suddenly disappears. Young Hee sets out to find Cheol Soo. To add insult to the injury, they get married and she can't help but suspect him because all the money they made together to build a home is missing from the bankbook. Young Hee believes in Cheol Soo and thinks that her ex-boyfriend is the one involved after struggling to track her down. What is the truth at the end? The unpredictable romantic comedy of Young Hee's struggles begin.

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