Dr Oh's Golden Clinic - Episode 24 (2022)

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Dr Oh's Golden Clinic - Episode 24 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

On March 25, WINNER appeared as guests on Channel A’s Dr Oh Eun-Young’s Golden Clinic, their first variety show as a whole group after the hyung-line’s military discharge! They spoke to renowned psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun Young about some of their personal concerns. WINNER share honest conversations about the group’s relationship, their personal struggles, and learning to open up to each other. Their common concern is that they don’t share their inner feelings with each other and if this professional / personal boundary is good or not. Each member’s personality types are highlighted with the Seung-Seung brothers having similar achievement-focused personalities. Dr Oh then deep dives in helping Jinu come to terms with his grandmother passing on and Mino’s serious concerns about his mental wellbeing. A wonderfully healing show with heavy content but so much care and love ~! Must watch!

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