The Interest of Love ~ Episode 1 (2022)

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The Interest of Love ~ Episode 1 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

A realistic romance story of four people who all met at the Youngpo branch of KCU Bank. Ha Sang-Soo (Yoo Yeon-Seok) pursues an ordinary life. He believes happiness is having an unshakable life. Due to the arrival of love, his calm daily life changes. An Soo-Young (Mun Ka-Young) thinks that love does not last forever and can go away at any moment. She's busy supporting herself under unpleasant circumstances. She feels excited by a man who suddenly approaches her. Park Mi-Kyung (Keum Sae-Rok) comes from a rich family. She is self-assertive and quite open about her feelings. When she has someone that she likes, she makes that person join her side no matter what. She enters a relationship that doesn't go as she wishes. Jung Jong-Hyun (Jung Ga-Ram) is studying for an exam to become a police officer. He has a personality that drives him do his best in everything. He lives in a harsh situation.

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