Cheer Up - Episode 6 (2022)

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Cheer Up - Episode 6 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

Do Hae-Yi (Han Ji-Hyun) is a student at Yeonhee University. She is a bright and diligent person. Because of her family's poor financial situation, she places a priority on making money rather than school. One day, Do Hae-Yi suddenly joins cheering squad Teyia. She only joins the club for money. The cheering squad has existed for 50 years at Yeonhee University. While participating in the cheering squad, Do Hae-Yi experiences the joy of campus life and meets various people from Teyia including Park Jung-Woo (Bae In-Hyuk), Jin Sun-Ho (Kim Hyun-Jin), Tae Cho-Hee (Jang Gyu-Ri), Joo Sun-Ja (Lee Eun-Saem ) and Bae Young-Woong (Yang Dong-Geun). Bae Young-Woong was once a member of Teyia and he is an alumnus of Yeonhee University. He supports the cheering squad financially and emotionally.