Mimicus - Episode 16 (2022)

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Mimicus - Episode 16 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

Han Yoo Sung (Yoo Young Jae) attends Daehan Performing Arts High School where he has ended up with a reputation for being aloof and uptight. He comes from a well-heeled family and most think that he enjoys being distant. However, although he isn’t very good at showing it, what he really wants to do is show off his secret talents. Although he hates all kinds of copycat-like behavior, one day he finds that rumors are circulating at school, with some accusing him of stealing the look and style of Ji Soo Bin (Kim Yoon Woo), a fellow student and a trainee at a top-billing entertainment company. Little does Han Yoo Sung know the young man he is being accused of copying actually has a few secrets of his own…

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