Amazing Saturday - Episode 235 (2022)

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Amazing Saturday - Episode 235 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

Singer Chan-hyeok Lee and comedian Yong-myung Kim will scramble for tvN's 'Amazing Saturday' broadcast on the 29th. Chanhyuk, who is the second visit to ‘Amazing Saturday’ (hereafter Nolto), shows his special affection for Nucksal and Haeyeon. At the time of his first appearance, Chanhyuk, who formed a 'Kalkal Zone' with them, created 'CH Boss' and served as the chairman, explains, "(We) are a lovely combination." Then, he confessed his sadness by saying, "But Nucksal and Haeyeon acted like a nerd to other people." Kim Yong-myung delivers the news that his musicality has been recognized by a number of artists including BTS Jungkook, Zico, and Kwon Jeong-yeol. Girls' Generation's songs are also presented with a sense of rhythm that God gave them, making them grab their belly button. He also said, “I can get the dictation right in one shot. He can eat all the market food,” he said, raising expectations with his ambitious appearance.

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