The Empire ~ Episode 12 (2022)

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The Empire ~ Episode 12 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

A family has accumulated vast wealth and power through the law. They face ruin because of scandals. Han Hye-Ryool (Kim Sun-A) and her family come from a law background. She works as the chief of a special investigation team at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office. Her husband Na Geun-Woo (Ahn Jae-Wook) and her mother Ham Gwang-Jeon (Lee Mi-Sook) both work as law school professors. Her father Han Gun-Do (Song Young-Chang) works as a lawyer for the biggest law firm in South Korea. Han Hye-Ryool carries out her job as a prosecutor in an excellent manner, but people denigrate her work because of her family's prestigious background. She wants to break free from her family ties and satisfy her own desires. Meanwhile, her husband Na Geun-Woo has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. He seems to have achieved everything he wants and is a good person, but people don't know who he really is. Han Hye-Ryool's mother Ham Gwang-Jeon and her father Han Gun-Do also use the law as tools to make more money and protect their status.

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