Sleeping Only Relationship - Episode 8 (2022)

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Sleeping Only Relationship - Episode 8 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

'While Sleeping' continues the unpredictable romance until the final choice. In Wavve's original entertainment show 'Sleep', which will be released on the 4th, the pole and pole romance of the Soksu Workshop House, which goes back and forth between heaven and hell, unfolds. 'Sleep Only' is a romantic reality that unlocks the love cells that are awakened by those who only sleep through the Six to Six Secret night date. 3MCs Noh Hong-cheol, Jung Hye-seong, and George, who are both observers and sympathizers, are receiving favorable reviews from viewers for their realistic reactions and thrilling romance that makes them feel like watching a youth movie. The Doksu Workshop House is engulfed in polar and polar currents going back and forth between hot and cold baths ahead of the final selection. On one side, a couple who burst out in admiration that "matching is already over" appeared, and Noh Hong-cheol opened his eyes wide, saying, "What is this here? Have you made a living?"

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