The Kardashians 2 - Episode 7 (2022)

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The Kardashians 2 - Episode 7 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

It’s the day of True’s 4th-birthday party, and as is every 4-year-old’s dream, the theme is pastels. Not Minions, not mermaids, but pastels — I hope she picked it out herself and is just obsessed with color schemes. Unfortunately, Aunt Kim and Kourtney didn’t get the pastel memo and showed up in neon orange and black, respectively. Also not wearing pastel is Tristan, who isn’t there at all because he just so happened to have a game that day — which doesn’t feel like a coincidence. In fact, Khloé says the two haven’t seen each other in person since before Christmas, right when the scandal broke. Even though he couldn’t make it, Kris pulls Khloé aside and says that he called to tell her that he was privately taking care of the cost of the party. By privately, he apparently means telling Khloé’s mom about it and having her say it on television. While Khloé appreciates the gesture, it’s not happening on her watch: “I don’t need anyone’s help.”

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