Kick a Goal - Goalympics - Episode 2 (2023)

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Kick a Goal - Goalympics - Episode 2 (2023)

Plot Synopsis

From waist tug-of-war to dodgeball games, the players and coaches participate in a variety of games. And last but not least, a relay game that will turn the tables awaits them. With 100 points at stake, which team will become the first champion of the GOALympics?

Main Cast Lee Su Geun,Bae Seong Jae,Chae Ri Na,Kan Mi Youn,Yubin,Ayumi,Kim Bo kyung,Dayoung,Cho Hye Lyun,Kim Min Kyoung,Oh Na Mi,Lee Eun Hyeong,Kim Seung Hye,Kim Hye Sun,Lee Hyun Yi,Song Hae Na,Yoon Tae Jin,Joo Si Eun,Roh Yoon Ju,Kim Da Yeong,Kim Hee Jung,Yoni P,Hong Ja,Kim Ga Young,KISUM,Jeong He In,Lee Young Jin,Lee Hye Jung,Lee Chae Young,Moon Ji In,Son Seung Yeon,Minseo,Kyoung Seo,Park Ki Young,SEOGI,Seomoon Tak,Lisa,Eva Popiel,Park Sun Young,An Hye Kyeong,Hong Soo Ah

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