Peak Time ~ Episode 3 (2023)

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Peak Time ~ Episode 3 (2023)

Plot Synopsis

There have been many idol groups who have fallen out of the spotlight over the years. From long hiatuses to unexpected disbandment, major lineup changes, or more recently, simply fading into the background due to the pandemic, there are many reasons why a group might drift out of the limelight. But just because a group has faded away doesn’t mean its members are ready to call it quits. Eager for a chance to prove themselves once again, these determined idols are stepping into the limelight once more, but whether or not they stay there is entirely up to them. In a brand new survival reality program, idols and rookies alike will compete for a chance to take the stage in a globally broadcasted showcase unlike any other. Under the tutelage of some of the industry’s brightest stars, the contestants will have a chance to learn from the best. But how they apply those lessons will determine whether or not they’ll secure themselves a place in the spotlight. Competing against rookies desperate to grab the spotlight for themselves, do these fallen stars have what it takes to shine once more? Hosted by Lee Seung Gi, “Peak Time” is a 2023 South Korean idol survival reality program produced by JTBC.