Divorced Singles 4 (2023)

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"Divorced Singles" is a reality program that depicts the real love and cohabitation of single men and women. In the last season, there were participants who actually developed into real couples through the program, and Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun's successful remarriage also garnered attention. Lee So-ra and Choi Dong-hwan, who became a real couple in Season 3, continue to nurture their sweet love.

Season 4 will take place in the United States, specifically in Cancun, Mexico, known as the "honeymoon destination." It will showcase the love battles of charming American single individuals. Particularly, "Divorced Singles 4" has expanded its reach as a "global dating reality" by confirming simultaneous broadcasts in over 200 countries through Netflix Global.

The MC lineup includes Lee Hye-young, Yoo Se-yoon, and Lee Ji-hye, who have been part of the show since Season 1 to 3, as well as singer Eun Ji-won and American chef Austin Kang as new MCs.

Divorced Singles 4 (2023)
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